I will buy your product if you add [functionality/animation/model/etc.].

– Sorry, but the products on the market are made for everyone, not for any particular person. You can send us an idea by mail and maybe we will add it in the next update.

I bought your product, and now help me make my game.

– Sorry, but we develop products for the market that help the developer save their time. You can modify the product to suit your needs thanks to the large number of lessons and video courses on the Internet.

I bought your product, but I don’t like [functionality/animation/model/etc.]. Can you change them?

– I’m sorry, but no. You are buying a generic product on the market, not an individual one. In any case, you can get the FBX source files directly from the project by simply exporting them and then fix this object to suit your needs.

I can’t find where to configure [functionality/animation/model/etc.]. Can you help me?

– Before asking such a question, take a look at the product documentation on my site. If there is no such information, then ask us a question by e-mail to the support service:
and we will be happy to help you!

I can’t transfer the animation to my skeleton! My skeleton is not in the retarget window! What should I do?

– If your skeleton is different from the skeleton from the product, then you should go to the skeleton of your character, select the appropriate rig and set all the bones of your skeleton (Target) to the original bones of the skeleton from the product (Source).
You can learn more about this here.

When I try to reconfigure the animation, there is nothing in the Target Skeleton preview field.

– Before making a retarget, you must install Skeleton Preview on your target character so that everything works correctly. You can learn more about this here.

Can I order my own animation or system from you?

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